Welcome to the Professional Writing Program at Purdue University general education course guide.

This site serves as an overview of the various general education courses offered by the Professional Writing Program for professional writing undergraduates, as well as major students in science, technology, management, engineering, and others. These courses are 400-level and cover four distinct areas of writing: business writing, technical writing, medical writing, and multimedia writing. Each has a different focus and you should choose the right course based on your advisor’s recommendations and the needs of your program’s plan of study. Distance education classes are also available, as are summer sessions (although space is limited).

If you are interested in learning more information about the program or speaking to current instructors about our courses, please contact the director, Michael Salvo, at salvo@purdue.edu or call (765) 494-3730.

Students who have transferred credit(s) for English courses, usually 101, sometimes ask ICAP and PW staff to accept those credits as fulfillment of Purdue’s first year writing requirement. Our courses, the four-credit English 106 and its accelerated three-credit equivalent 108, were developed with the specific needs of Purdue’s students in mind. While we recognize that AP, bridge program, and dual enrollment courses have value, they do not include key curricular elements of 106 and 108, namely our focuses on information and technological literacy, group work, and research methods. That is, transfer credits prove students are prepared for the advanced first year writing curriculum offered at Purdue and students might consider enrolling for the accelerated class, ENGL108.

For this reason, we cannot approve requests to recognize ENG 101 alone as fulfilling Purdue’s first-year writing requirement. Nor can we waive the first-year writing pre-requisite for students who wish to take PW courses, even if they have earned credit for English 101 and/or similar courses.